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Clara Louise, a Former Cleaning Worker, Is Now a Model Who Just Landed a Contract With Gucci


Clara Louise, a Former Cleaning Worker, Is Now a Model Who Just Landed a Contract With Gucci

The 24-year-old Londoner was discovered while walking down the street.
Clara Louise, a Former Cleaning Worker, Is Now a Model Who Just Landed a Contract With Gucci

When something is for you, it will come at the least expected moment. That is the case of Clara Louise, a London girl who worked as a cleaning clerk and who now managed to become a model and a contract with Gucci .

In an interview the young woman conducted with Metro.UK , she recounted how she was discovered. In June 2019, when she was walking down the street, she was spotted by Rob Wilson, the director of FOMO Models, a modeling agency.

“Rob saw me on the street, on the way to the gym, and asked me if I had ever worked as a model,” Clara recounted. Then he commented that they had a conversation and the rest is history.

"I am very grateful because it has been an incredible experience and shows how you should take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way in life," explained the now Gucci model.

She has already worked with other brands such as Gymshark, Boots, and Primark . Additionally, she was featured on the cover of Picton's fashion and beauty magazine.

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"It was nothing of what I expected, it is not as malicious as it is shown in television dramas and movies," he said. "It was a whole new world."

“I had never seen a curvy, black, Asian and ethnic minority model (BAME, an adjective used for people in the UK who are not white, according to the Cambridge Dictionary) and I didn't think my appearance would fit. that world. So I feel like I'm paving the way and will be able to tell my grandkids that I was a Gucci model. "

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Clara's taste for Italian haute couture has not led her to the influencer lifestyle. Instead, she is seeking a teaching career. "I am still a normal girl from East London, my mother would not allow that bubble to grow, she would burst it immediately," she confessed to the same medium.

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"I'm just Clara, I'm taking my energy, my passion and my love for myself, my culture, my ethnic origin, my hair and I'm showing it to the world."

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