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Louis Vuitton Launches a Luxury Bicycle Line With Maison Tamboite

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Launches a Luxury Bicycle Line With Maison Tamboite

Two French brands have come together to create an exclusive product that can even have your initials engraved on it.
Louis Vuitton Launches a Luxury Bicycle Line With Maison Tamboite

Since the bicycle was invented in 1817 by the German Karl Von Drais , we have not stopped pedaling. It has become an indispensable vehicle for the lives of thousands of people in the world, in addition to being ecological. And although there are different prices and qualities, none resemble the fresh out of the oven from the fashion house Louis Vuitton .

With a retro design, the French brands Louis Vuitton and Maison Tamboite have come together to launch the LV Bike line of bicycles.

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Maison Tamboite

If you are a bicycle connoisseur, you have surely listened to this firm. It is a French house that has been manufacturing this product for more than 107 years. His first store was founded in 1912 on Rue Dulong, Paris, France. As for the first collection to hit the market, it was les Cycles Rych .

Of course, their entire history has been marked by the way they make these products, since they do it in a traditional way, from the first to the last generation. All are handmade, made to order and made to measure combining materials such as steel, leather and wood.

LV Bike

So, the LV Bike is not just any bicycle as it fuses exclusivity with luxury and craftsmanship. This model is based on that of the Maison Tamboite Paris , which has been enhanced with the characteristic style of Louis Vuitton.

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Image: Louis Vuitton

The bicycles are already for sale in the brand's online store in four colors; red, blue, black and yellow . It also has a brown leather covering with the Louis Vuitton monogram. But that's not all, they are available in two different models. The first has a basket in front, while the second has a diamond painting on the back.

Image: Louis Vuitton

However, details are never enough for the luxury brand. It is also characterized by the Monogram Flowers shape on the plates or the LV logo stamped on the pedals. In addition, it comes with LED lighting, tracker, shock absorbers under the seat, airless tires, and as if that were not enough, there is the possibility of engraving your initials on a leather patch that will be placed on the rear wheel.

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Image: Louis Vuitton

How much does the Louis Vuitton bike cost with Maison Tamboite ?

The brand new luxury bicycles have a price of 22 thousand euros, more than 500 thousand Mexican pesos.

Image: Louis Vuitton

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